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 About – Cebu Rental MOTORBIKE

Traffic in Philippines Cebu City getting worse every year and  the best way to travel around the city and provinces is to ride a motorcycle. So we,  a group of entrepreneurs,  came up with this idea to provide motorcycle rentals to tourists at low cost. 


Cebu has so much to see, to explore and to offer for the tourists. Cebu Rental Motorbike aims to provide travelers full freedom to explore the city from North of Cebu, (Bantayan Island is an island located in the Visayan Sea, Philippines. It is situated to the west of the northern end of Cebu Island, across the Tañon Straitto South(Kawasan Falls in Badian. Cebu Kawasan falls is a peaceful natural place where you can enjoy many waterfalls of natural spring water located near the southern tip of Cebu Philippinesand East to West.  

Is there any better way to travel, explore and enjoy you stay in Cebu than to enjoy an opportunity to rent a Motorcycle/Scooter at a low cost?

The more, the merrier… We are also welcome to a big groups of tourists by providing a cars for rentals.

Rent motorbike is so easy! Just contact us for details at +639234178176

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